Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This summer my nephew Soni came to spend a little time with Grandma and Grandpa and see friends! It was so good to see him! We have missed all of the kids and Lelah a lot.  Elizabeth LOVED Soni.  All she could talk about when he was here was going to play with "my Soni".  He was such a good buddy to play with.  Just like his Grandpa he did what ever she wanted to do!  Thanks buddy for playing and loving Elizabeth so much!

Natrona County Fair

Ok blog friends here is an update of the summer and the start of the fall.  Ive put it off all summer so the next few post will be what happened this summer.

Every year there's the fair and rodeo.  Luke and I like to go and have a date night and just watch the people and the rodeo.  This year we went on out date and then Elizabeth and I had a date to the rodeo.  We had a blast! Elizabeth didn't stop talking about the horse and the cows for days after we went.  She was also very much convinced that she was going to ride a horse just like the Cowboys. She did such a wonderful job sitting still and watching all of the action...she got like 5 complements on how well she did!

Me on our date

Elizabeth loves the animals. She wanted to pet all of the small ones.

The one animal that was bigger than her that she would pet...
Its a cow!

So excited to be watching the Cowboys and the animals and the cows

Luke and I

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Temple 2008

June 2008 Luke and I went to the Billings Temple to be ceiled. It was a wonderful day! My friend Holly took the pictures and got them to me this last June so this post is a little over due. Oh well such is life! We just want to thank our family and friends that help celebrate that wonderful day with us! We love you all!
Elizabeth was such a wonderful daughter! It was a very long day!!!
Giving mom some much needed hugs! Love my little girl to pieces!

Luke and I after the ceiling! Love this picture. You can tell we are on a high!
The beautiful Billings Temple!
Luke and I.
Pre-ceiling....we look confused and scared!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Trip to the Falls

One Saturday in July we had a family day and went up to the falls on Casper Mountain. I wasn't very happy with the ideas but I'm glad we went. Elizabeth and Luke loved being out side and able to relax a little. Luke took Elizabeth over to see the falls. She didn't like it cause of the mist.
She will always find a good rock pile to play in.
Elizabeth in front of the falls. She was standing there like her mom with her hands on the hips.
The picture of me that Luke had to take. 5 months pregnant, not a happy camper.
Luke and the falls. He loved taking his family up there for a while and watching the people.

The wonderful piece of nature that lives just minutes from us! It is so peaceful up there!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Update on life

Ok here is an update on life. We've enjoyed going out to the lake and swimming! Elizabeth loves being able to run in and out of the water. She loves to play in the sand! We are still working on potty training so we take her potty with us and she goes where ever she has to go. At the lake or up on the mountain. She hasn't gotten the idea of not pottying in her potty.

She loves the water. If we let her she would stay out at the lake every day all day long. We don't get to spend a lot of time out there but when we do its for hours. It wonderful time that we spend together!

In beginning of July I went to the doctors to have my ultrasound. We loved seeing the baby and finding out that its a boy. He will be named Noah John. We are every excited to be parents to both of our children. Elizabeth loves the pictures we have of Noah. She loves sharing them with anybody and everybody that she can.

This pregnancie has been really hard on my body. So when ever I hurt Elizabeth hurts. When ever mom needs ice she needs ice. So she loves laying down with the ice bag on her back like mom! Its so funny!

Elizabeth and I went to Casper annual parade this month. She had so much fun watching the floats and people. She was very spoiled by other people giving her candy. I wouldn't let her get out there with the rest of the kids and get right out there for candy. She did wonderful in the hot sun for along time!
Other news....we are going to be making a huge life change in January. I am very excited for it to come. I will tell you more details closer to the date. I also got a new camera as my other one got cracked somehow. That's all for know! Love you all lots!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Room!!!

Here are the room pictures from Elizabeth's new room. We did her room in a weekend and she loves it!!

She helped us paint. She was so excited to paint her room pink!

This was the first family fishing trip. Luke has a really good friend that went with us. Elizabeth didn't catch any fish but her daddy did. She held the fish for about 5 seconds and then she was done! We had so much fun! We plan on going again sometime soon!